Posted by: merrymission | December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner

The picture is taken from the back of the room looking toward the food table. On Sunday this room is our chapel. During the week it is the multipurpose room.


Close to the end of October Öldungur Merry decided that it would be nice to cook Thanksgiving dinner for our branch, missionaries, and investigators.  I agreed.  We were busy for several weeks, but we had a basic idea of dinner for about 25 people.  The week of Thanksgiving we realized that there would probably be closer to 30 people.  By Thanksgiving day we realized that there would probably be close to 40 attending.  As we cooked the food and found out that more people would be coming, we started becoming concerned.  Would there be enough?  I think there were quite a few silent prayers said to Heavenly Father to please bless our “loaves and fishes”.  We had food left over and many people thanked us for the delicious meal; they were full.  Everyone was talking, eating, and having a sociable time being thankful.  One of the missionaries tried to count those who attended and counted 50 as a conservative estimate.  Heavenly Father blessed us to have the food enough for everyone.

Three beautiful ladies, one from Thailand, one from the Philippines, and one from Iceland.

Those attending were all the missionaries for Iceland in our zone–10 people, 6 young elders and 2 senior couples.  (Our zone has recently grown to include Greenland, which has 2 young missionaries and a senior couple.)  There were more investigators attending than there were missionaries, thankfully.  Also, most of our branch attended.  We were also grateful for this.

The Selfoss missionaries

Most people could speak Icelandic.  The secondary languages were German and English.  One of our friends there couldn’t speak English, so we talk with her through someone who spoke Icelandic or German and English.  Another sister speaks Thai and Icelandic, but only a little English, so the missionaries help with communication.  It is so interesting learning to communicate when so many languages are represented.  Don and I are both continuing with our Icelandic lessons, but the progress is slow.

Our Icelandic teacher with a missionary from Reykjavík

Although it was a busy month, including even a Super Saturday with the seminary students just 5 days before, dinner was fun to do and one of our most enjoyable Thanksgivings.



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