Posted by: merrymission | May 21, 2012

P-day 9 May 2012

Once a month we are able to take a special p-day with all the missionaries on Iceland–10 of us. This month we went to Glacier Bay to see icebergs. On the way over and on the way back we stopped to view waterfalls which are always interesting. They are always surrounded by cliffs and interesting rock formations and are really enjoyable to view.

An interesting waterfall with cliffs and farms.

While at this first stop I took a picture of our elders in their Icelandic sweaters. This was a fun project and only took 6 months to do 12 sweaters.

The next stop was a glacier viewing area called Skeiðarársandur. These glaciers are part of a larger glacier that is out of site called Vatnajökull.

These glaciers were the remains of a volcanic eruption that happened under the glacier above these and caused flooding.

Under it are the Grimsvötn lakes which fill with the water due to the geothermal heat and overflow during eruptions. One flood washed out a long bridge and twisted the supports.

Twisted bridge parts

The next stop was Jökullsárlon, Glacier Bay.

Click on the picture and enlarge to read interesting information about Jökulsárlón.

The first stop on the way back was Kirkjugólf, Church floor. The floor is formed by limestone from volcanic eruptions pushing themselves up through the soil. It is amazing to see. I have often wondered why so much here is build with rectangular rocks. Evidently, the rocks are often formed that way by nature.

Close to Kirkjugólf is another beautiful waterfall, Stjórnarfoss.

The last new (for us) waterfall that we stopped at was Skógarfoss.

There was a trail and stairs up the right side of this fall with over 400 steps.  I questioned at first if I would have the energy to climb them, but I went anyway. It was beautiful and there was a second fall above this one.

As we travel to Glacier Bay we saw many farms. One very interesting one had old buildings built into a huge chunk of rock. We decided to stop on the way back. They had not been used for a long time.

Just around the rock from these were two more.

Our last stop was Seljalandsfoss. We see this fall often because it is on the way to the Westmann Islands.

When we first saw it I wondered where the water came from. Actually, out of sight above and behind it, there is a large mountain. It would take quite a hike to get to the top of this fall.

This was our day–tiring, but very enjoyable.  Iceland is beautiful and very intriguing. The scenery is very different from Alaska, but also just as engrossing. We passed moss-covered lava fields that looked sculpted into many short and round trees. Most of the lava fields are moss-covered, but these were greener and very beautiful.

The zone p-days are fun and a time for enjoying friendships with our missionaries. Soon we will all be back to our normal lives, but for a short time be are bonded together by serving our Lord and the people of a small part of Iceland. Right now we have two branches with fewer than 300 people total who belong to the church. The Icelandic saints have been told that when there are 5000 saints, they can have a temple. This is a wonderful goal to aim for.



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