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Senior Couples’ Conference

During our temple trip to Denmark in April the Iceland senior couples, the Callaways and Merrys, stayed with some of the Danish senior couples. In the course of conversations, the topic of a senior couples conference in Iceland was discussed.  The area presidency gave permission and it actually happened; a first time for this.

Everyone arrived on Thursday evening, May 24th, for dinner and Zone Conference. So the couples from Denmark could begin their Icelandic adventure in an authentically Icelandic way, sheep head was the first course. This was cooked by an Icelander and the way to eat it was explained in Icelandic by the cook and translated by his daughter. Almost everyone ate some; some even ate the eye! Generally, they are not served with a cherry and lettuce!

The rest of the dinner was also typically Icelandic, fish, pork, rutabagas, and Icelandic pancakes. The rest of the evening was devoted to Zone Conference and the spiritual message for the beginning of our Senior Couples Conference. It was wonderful to have so many missionaries there. Our zone is small; only 3 young companionships and 2 senior couples. The visitors from Denmark more than doubled our group.

After a day of travel and a Zone Conference we all arose early so we could leave early to catch the 10 AM ferry from Landeyjahöfn. That is a 1 hour drive from Reykjavík to Selfoss and a 45 minute drive to the ferry at Landeyjahöfn. The day was a little stormy so some of our group had trouble with seasickness. After a half an hour we were in Westmann Islands to visit the museum and learn about the first LDS members in Iceland. After this our guide took us to the Mormon Monument, first for lunch in the Viking huts, then to the monument.


One of our sisters, Sister Jensen, has a great-grandmother who came from Vestmanneyjar. She was able to walk on the farm of her ancestry! How exciting for her!

On our way home that evening we stopped at Seljalandsfoss. (Foss is the Icelandic word for waterfall.) As we turned onto the road to go to the falls our guide mentioned that up the road quite a ways and after fording several streams there is a farm that was another ancestral home of Sister Jensen. Since several of us had already seen Seljalandsfoss and while the Danish senior couples visited it, our guide, Ronald, took the rest of us to a close, but different waterfall. It was partly hidden behind a rock that the water had eroded away over time. It was beautiful; I couldn’t get an adequate picture of it.

To go in to the falls we walked on a rock path built in the stream.

On Saturday we toured the Golden Circle, Þingvellir, Gullfoss, and Geysir. This is a very interesting and enjoyable tour.  Þingvellir is the historical seat of the government. Groups would come once a year to conduct governing and law making and enforcing duties. Iceland has never had a king. At various times the Norwegian and the Danish kings  ruled Iceland, but when governing themselves, Iceland never developed a monarchy. Their rule was very democratic.

One of the larger fissures at Þingvellir. There are fissures in many places, small, medium, and large.

Þingvellir is the place that the European and American plates separate.  Iceland is growing by 2 cm per year. We in Selfoss are on the European continent and Reykjavík is on the American continent. It is so interesting to visit and walk around  Þingvellir.

Gullfoss (Yellow Falls) is a very popular and famous waterfall on the Golden Circle.

Gullfoss is the falls we have for the banner for our blog.

Geysir was the third spot we visited, but I didn’t take many pictures because Strákur felt a little weak and wasn’t erupting very high.

Sunday we had 2 senior couples speaking and teaching elders quorum/relief society. This was a treat for all of us. That evening another couple taught a fireside. This couples’ conference was wonderful–for the socializing and for the spiritual feast.





  1. Dear Elder And Sister Merry
    We Love Your Web Site.
    We Sure Miss You Guys!
    We Have Gone On 2 6 Months Missions To Palmer wasilla Area Working In The Employment Center The Bishops Storehouse And The Cannery.
    And Are Putting In Our Papers For Our 3rd 6 Month Mission
    Our Grandson Brett Meyer Is On A Mission In South Carolina

    When Will You Guys be Home?
    We Are All So Very Proud Of You.
    Love Harold & Bobbie Jackson

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