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In Selfoss we have a lot of opportunity to serve people. Our missionaries were walking down a street and saw an older lady mowing her lawn. She was having trouble, since she has a weak leg. They offered to help and she accepted. Since then we have been over to help with her lawn several times and have taught her several lessons. She really enjoys the peaceful and happy feeling we bring. She has also been to church several times and will be going to the branch outing Saturday. She likes the feeling she gets when she goes to church and visits with our members.

Our most recent service is with another sod roof. When the three sod-roofed houses in this area were built, the builder put gravel against one of the outer walls, then put a short rock wall to hold in the gravel and look like an old fashioned Icelandic house. In the 2008 earthquake two of the houses had trouble with their gravel walls sliding down, pushing down the rock wall, and giving too little support to the sod. We helped finish one roof when we helped re-sod it for our pioneer day activity. Now we are beginning the second sod roof. We are getting in at the very beginning, clearing away the sod.

This is the “before” picture. It doesn’t look too bad but it isn’t supported very well. When it is finished, he will have the option of putting in a new room where the gravel was.

Cutting through 4 to 6 inches of sod is muscle-building work.

This is our first day on the job. We have since gone over and have more than half of the sod off. One more day and that part will be finished. The next part will be taking out all the gravel. Gisli thought it took them 500 wheelbarrow loads to get their gravel removed. The elders from Reykjavík will also come over and help. As they say, many hands make light work. We mentioned this project to them today at our zone meeting and they were excited.

This sod roof project was begun at the end of our group p-day. Once a month we are allowed to take a group p-day to see interesting and relatively close places in Iceland. We have been on the Golden Circle, Jökulsárlón (Glacier Bay), and now Snæfellsnes, which is the first peninsula north of  Reykjavík. Obviously, we don’t take one a month, but we really enjoy the ones we take. I noticed that the mountains are more pointed there than the ones between Selfoss and Reykjavík. It was interesting to see the different style of mountain; ours are flat-topped. All of them that I have seen so far are very different than Alaskan mountains. In Iceland we have very few trees and the mountains are made from volcanic activity.


There are several seals lounging in this lava field. If you click on the picture and zoom in you should be able to see them.

If you zoom in on this, you can learn about Báður, the diety of Mt. Snæfell.

An elder walking back into Báður’s crevice. The further back one goes the narrower it gets. We didn’t walk back very far, since no one wanted to get wet or get stuck.


The caption of his plaque calls him Báður, the diety of Mt. Snæfell

The rock formations here, as in many places in Iceland, are beautiful. It is interesting to see how the lava flowed or layered in the area.





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