Posted by: merrymission | November 3, 2012

Fall is definitely here

Yesterday some of our plans were cancelled due to weather. We heard that in Reykjavík several people were injured by the strong wind. Elder Merry decided to cancel his trip to Reykjavík when the wind, gusting to 36 meters per second (80.5 miles per hour), tossed our light car around somewhat. It was just difficult to steer, but why fight the weather! We have been advised to not drive over the pass if the wind is 20 m/s (44.7 mi/hr) or more. Our car could be blown off the road. The wind at one of the weather stations was 26 m/s (58 mi/hr).  Today is another cloudy and windy day.

I finally finished one of my missionary projects–16 sweaters in 11 months. When I finished my sweater, one of the missionaries asked me how much I would charge to knit a sweater for him. I said I wouldn’t charge anything, but I wouldn’t knit one because I would have to knit one for each of our six missionaries! I reconsidered and decided I would do it. After all, if I could knit one a month, I would be done by June. I found that they take only about 10 days to two weeks to knit, so I offered the opportunity to the senior couples and our mission presidents and their wives, also. Now I have finished with all 16 sweaters! We just received three new missionaries, but I don’t have time to knit them sweaters, plus do my other responsibilities and clean and pack. So, I am knitting them hats, which will keep them warm this fall and winter.

The final p-day together for a hike on Reykjadalur before three return home and three new missionaries arrive.

We  brought the missionaries to Reykjadalur and are eagerly anticipating returning to our warm cars.

The other six sweaters are in Utah (2) and Denmark (4).  Our missionary effort, as member leader support missionaries (mls), encompasses many opportunities. I have learned to knit Icelandic sweaters and to alter the directions for lighter weight yarn. I have definitely increased in learning, as Elder Bednar suggest we do.



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