Settling In #1

We are finally settling in here in Frederiksberg.  We are beginning to have a routine to our days.  We  go to the office and check in, do some work if we have any, then go to the temple if it is open.  Our ward is also going to give us some work finding inactive members.  We will get into this routine and then go to Iceland and learn another routine. 

We finally finished submitting everything for the FBI criminal check for the Icelandic visa.   To find a place for fingerprints in Copenhagen was difficult.  No one does it, unless you are a Danish criminal.  Finally, one man, a church member,  that works at the American Embassy could do it for us.  He had the cards and the kit.  The next problem was how to get a self-addressed stamped envelope  in Denmark for the results to be mailed from the FBI in West Virginia to Iceland with US postage.  That can’t happen from a Danish post office.  We found the one FedEx office here and with help found the public transportation to it.  It’s by the airport and the wind there was fierce and cold.  That was the coldest we have been here in Denmark.  After one long and one short bus ride we accomplished our goal and FedEx sent our package with instructions for sending it from the US to Iceland.  Now everything is finished for our visa application.  We are just waiting.

The temple is built on 4 or 5 levels.  It took us several trips to learn which floor we should be on and also which way to go, left or right.  Usually there are people to point the way, but several times I had to experiment.  I really admire the Danish temple workers.  They all can work in several languages.  One man mentioned that he knew the veil ceremony in 9 or 10 languages.  When a patron comes and wants a non-Danish language, he wears a tag for that language.  I counted 10 different language options where we get the tags. 

Just as the Alaska temple is decorated with an Alaskan motiv, the Danish temple looks particularly Scandanavian.  In the celestial room by the exit doors are Icelandic plants that natually spiral.  On the furniture wood there are delicate tole-painted edgings.  The carpet has a border design of  a Danish plant.  Everything is very beautiful.

We watched a video about the church in Iceland called Fire on Ice.  It is very good.  I recommend it to anyone interested in Iceland and the history of the church there.

The Merrys


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